Sunday, June 26, 2016

I am Anastasia

I finally got my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Catnip.

I know I waited awhile to get in on the buzz-worthy product. To be fair, Sephora kept selling out on the popular colours especially during the VIB sale.

I have a thing for pink and berry colours.  After seeing various Instagram pictures, I decided on Catnip. It seemed to be the perfect pinkish-berry colour. And, it is. The colour is nice, dark, and not overly flashy.

The pros of this product: longevity.  Once this product touches your lip, it's almost like a tattoo. The colour won't budge. It lasts almost the whole day. My lips even looked decent after eating.  The colour turned into a dark lip stain.

When I tried it on for the first time, I made the mistake of putting too much on. I couldn't blot it out. The liquid lipstick dries quickly. I would say that's a con, you can't fix your mistakes with this product. Once it's on, it's on.

So, I suggest for first-timers dab a little. It goes a long way. And, if you want a darker colour then keep adding until you get the intensity you want.

Also, I have dry lips, and this product didn't emphasize it. I wouldn't say the liquid lipstick is moisturizing, but it doesn't aggravate the dryness.

Product yah or nah? Yah!!!!!!!!!

* Note, I decided to put some history behind the title of this post. The last royal family of Russia was the House of Romanov.  They were executed by the Bolshevik, the Communist Party, in 1918. 

However, many years later someone named Anna Anderson claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia (from the Romanov family) who survived the execution. 'I'm Anastasia' she said. It turned out she was nothing but an imposter. This story inspired the Hollywood film 'Anastasia'.

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