Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Royal Treatment

All eyes were on Kate Middleton just as much it was on her new baby, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Just hours after giving birth, Kate Middleton definitely looked great. A little too good that people began weaving conspiracy theories. Rumours spiralled from Russia stating that Kate looked ‘too beautiful’ to have given birth and the baby wasn’t really a newborn. It must have been born a few days prior. Others said that she was never pregnant and had a surrogate mother to carry the future princess.

Well, maybe she had a really good glam team. Kate has naturally curly hair and she had her hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker on board to do her hair right after she gave birth. In fact, the hairdresser saw the little princess before the grandparents.

Amanda Cook Tucker, hairstylist to the Dutchess of Cambridge

Not everyone can have a team to get us ready for any impromptu events, but anyone can buy the beauty products she uses.

It is said that her glow is credited to Bobby Brown’s Brightening Finishing Powder, perhaps in nude colour. It’s an iridescent powder that adds shimmer that's applied over the foundation.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder in Nude

Worried about getting baggy eyes, she been using Bobbi Brown’s eye creams, and concealers. She also uses Bobbi Brown’s eyebrow powder to thicken her eyebrows, lip liner, and blush pink lipstick. You can buy Bobbi Brown products at Sephora or Holt Renfew in Canada.

The make up brands, and even her nail polishes, are not over the top pricey.  I expected her to use higher end products like La Prairie foundation that I've heard makes Beyonce’s skin look like silk. The pricey product that Kate does use is this Bee Venom Face cream by Deborah Mitchell for about $100. But, that is not nearly as expensive as La Prairie.

For five years, Kate has been getting her nails done by manicurist Marina Sandoval. The Duchess usually opts for natural looking nails. For the royal wedding, Sandoval painted Kate’s nails with a mix of Essie polish in Allure and Bourjois' So Laque ultra-shine nail polish in Rose Lounge. 

So, these are some of the products you can use to look great.

...But then again not everyone can look great post-birth like Kate. In Jan 2015, Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a baby girl that is also named Charlotte. Chelsea definitely looked like she came out of some intensive labour with her hospital badges tied to her wrist (Royals don't need to wear hospital identifications), unkept hair, and puffy face. With her father racking in big bucks from appearances and her mother may  become the next President of the United States, Chelsea has money and access to the 'Royal Treatment' if she wanted it.

Or, maybe the Russians are right about the Duchess.


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