Friday, March 20, 2015

Red is the New Black - How to Mask Dark Circles

You probably seen or read about Deepica Mutyala's tip about using red lipstick to conceal dark circles. It's pretty cool and yes, it does work.

This is this old beauty trick that has been becoming very popular lately. I learned something similar to this when I was in beauty school. We did it with a salmon based colour to conceal dark circles.

I’ve tried this on clients before, but I have never tried before or even thought about using red lipstick.

Dark circles are a big beauty issue for many South Asian girls and it can be difficult to cover up.

The mistake many women do is use a very light concealer to cover up, which results in a chalky, often cakey and ghostly appearance that doesn’t exactly look attractive. The trick is to use a salmon or reddish colour to cancel out the darkness and then using your regular concealor on top of it.

It sounds weird but it works. Especially with a salmon colour it provides a warmth tone to the cool area. 

So, I thought I recreate this myself by using two different methods by using a salmon colour and a red lipstick to conceal my dark circles.  I used Face Atelier Pro Ultra Foundation in Heat. It's a liquid foundation that is an orangey-salmon colour. I also used MAC cream sheen red lipstick in Dare You.

I gently dab the Face Atelier foundation around my eye. You can see the other side without any makeup. I look like I got punched in the face.

Here's a close-up:

Next I gently blended it in by using a Beauty Blender.

Now I am trying the MAC lipstick.

(Warning: This doesn't look attractive!)

This is how it looks, the two sides blended. The MAC lipstick technique is on the left. Face Atelier Heat is used on the right.  As you can see it provides a warmth tone to the area. The key is to blend the colour into the skin by using either your fingers, a sponge, or a brush. I do like using the beauty blender to blend it all in.

Now, put your regular concealer on top.

Now, this is the final product.

The key is to blend everything well and to use less product. Depending on the darkness of the area, you don't need that much red or salmon colour to cancel out the black. 

I personally don't like the idea of using lipstick around my eye area. Lipsticks are pretty creamy and thick and your eye area is pretty delicate with thin skin. You don't want to use too much chemicals around your eye. 

And to take off the makeup, you have to be pretty gentle as well. So, I suggest applying the product with a brush around your eye area. It is important to note that it does take a bit more time to blend lipstick around your eye than foundation. I personally like using the foundation product instead of a lipstick because it's not as thick.  But, the lipstick idea is handy if you already have one at hand, eliminating the need to buy another product. 

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