Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Fountain of Youth

Today is Christie Brinkley's birthday, can you believe she just turned 61? Impossible I tell you! 

Naturally, I became very curious about her beauty and skin care routine. Of course, she probably got some work done. But it doesn't seem like she went overboard. She still looks like herself. Looking at her pictures over the years, she hasn't changed all that much.   

Celebs like Vivica A. Fox, Melanie Griffin, and Meg Ryan definitely overdid it with plastic surgery, which gave them a rather comical and even manly look. 

So, what is Christie doing?  What can I do now, so I can look great at that age?

Reading an article from Harper Bazaar she offered some good tips to look young that anyone can follow.

1. She drinks lots of water! Water flushes out toxins through sweating and urinating.  It also improves and hydrates your skin. Since, water is hydrating, it helps getting rid of wrinkles. Drinking lots of water is probably the best natural anti-aging treatment out there! Even though I know this, I don't really drink 8 glasses of water a day. I must put this on my to do list.

2. She uses simple products! I expected her to use products like La Prairie or Creme de la Mer, but she doesn't. She actually uses a drugstore product, Olay's Regenerist line. She also uses a Clarins neck cream. Moisturizing your neck is very important. Women often focus on their face that they neglect their neck. I don't necessarily recommend a separate neck cream, unless you got money like Brinkley and can splurge otherwise you can do with your regular face cream and apply it on your neck. This is I always do. And, it's important to massage your cream gently into your face and then move in an upward motion on your neck, an effleurage. 

3. She protects her skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen everyday. I do this obsessively, and I avoid the sun like the plague. When I worked the beauty counters, the number question I get from women is 'what is the best wrinkle cream, I have wrinkles.' After questioning them about their skincare routine and habits, each one of them admitted to sunbathing. Tanning is probably the worst thing you can do; you are damaging your skin and  caused unnecessary wrinkles. Avoid the sun.

Now, her make-up routine for her everyday look is pretty simple. The products she loves to use aren't that expensive.

Foundation: Giorgio Armani and she uses a Nars Illuminator

Eyes: Brown liner and black mascara from Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, or Nars. 

Lips: Nude glosses from Bobbi Brown in Bronzed Heather. To make her lips appear big, she lines them up with Laura Mercier Lip Liner in Chestnut and applies one of Tom Ford's pale lipsticks. 

Bobbi Brown in Bronzed Heather
Laura Mercier Lip Liner in Chestnut 

She even does her own manicures and pedicures! it's all because she has no patience to sit and get her nails done.  She uses pale colours on her fingers and red nail polish on her toes from Essie or Deborah Lippmann.

For her hair, she admits to using hair extensions. Her hair used to be thick but after each pregnancy her hair thinned out.  She only shampoos and conditions her hair every other day. This is really good, I wouldn't recommend anyone to wash their hair everyday as this will strip your hair from its' natural oils..  She uses Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care, and applies a root volumizer from Pantene Pro-V or Kérastase Paris. To achieve volume, she rough-dries her hair upside down. 

For her body, she moisturizes with Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Crème. She says the scent is so good, she gets so many compliments and it became her fragrance as well.  

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